Statement T-Shirts

Hey guys! I cannot believe I am sat here writing my final blog post! If you’re new I’m sorry you’ve found me so late but there is plenty of content on my page for you to read, but if you don’t know why I’m leaving this blogging here then head to my Instagram (@reagchurch), to see […]

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Casual or Statement?

Hey guys! So this weeks post is going to focus on casual t-shirts which can really make a subtle statement to an outfit. I’m definitely someone who prefers to dress casual rather than formal, so this trend is my thing! Enjoy… Also please head over to my Instagram to a full in-depth change for me […]

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Staple Denim Skirts

Hey guys! As promised this Thursday’s style inspiration shopping post is all about denim skirts to see you through many seasons and events. Enjoy it, and let me know what ones you love! The first skirt I found is from ASOS but is from River Island. Firstly, I love when brands make denim skirts look […]

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Floral and Flares

Hey you! So this week’s post probably should’ve come earlier in the summer due to the main focus of the outfit being very bright and a trend which seems to have died down, however it is a great early autumn piece. ENJOY! So let’s start with what I know you guys will want to know […]

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All About Gingham

Hey guys! The style inspiration post, as said on Tuesday’s post, is all about gingham items I NEED in my wardrobe right now! I hope you enjoy it and let me know what your favorites are… The first piece is from Willow and Paige @ ASOS and is this gorgeous wrap over style dainty skirt which […]

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Girly in Gingham

  Hey you! This Tuesdays post is very similar, in terms of trend, to last Tuesdays post as they both refer to gingham. However personally, I feel that todays post is more feminine in style and definitely something you could wear to make a lasting impression. This could be an outfit for your first date, […]

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Statement Trousers

Hey guys! As promised this Thursday’s shopping post will focus on statement trousers. I feel everyone should feel confident enough to wear something bold, it expresses your personality without even speaking or engaging with others. I’ve found myself recently really wanted to push myself with my fashion, wearing brighter colours, more detail or something I wouldn’t usually […]

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